About Us

Inspired from the personal need of hospital services for family and personal experience, an idea was born and taken shape to provide Hospital services information and packages. In time of emergency we don’t have time to go personally and check best deal available in the hospitals for individual needs. At Hospital packages.com we provide information on different packages available at hospitals thus making it easy for you to select the best suited for you at just a click.

We provide this service free of cost to the patient as they can pay for their services directly to hospitals for their relevant services.

We with the cooperation of hospitals and service providers want to bring information about services best suited for you at your desk. We also want to bring in the habit of regular health checkup, not leaving too late to deal with your health issues, thus we collect information on health packages available with different hospitals and making it easy for you to select.

 Our motto is “Be healthy, be happy”

We also provide packages information on different well being available like health & beauty, personal care, relax therapy and fitness.