Advertise with us is web based service provider, dealing with hospitals, health and beauty. We on our portal provide information relating to packages available in hospitals, health and beauty.  All of the products on this website are regularly updated and expected to receive very high traffic from all over the India, providing several opportunities for advertising.
Advertise or list on internet, were people are searching for services thus reach directly to a potential customer! 
1. Listing with us is free.
We at don’t charge you for listing on our website. Listing your packages is free. Only when you want to advertise on our home page we charge. 
2. Transparent, as payment are made directly to service provider. 
At we don’t collect payment from customer. Instead they pay directly to hospital or service provider. 
3. No coupons, no vouchers. Just packages.
No need to create additional coupons or vouchers. helps you feature your original deal or packages to smart internet-savvy customers.
4. Exclusive. is dedicated exclusively for health-care related services.
5. Faster. Cheaper. Better. 
A fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Infinitely faster. Flexibility to withdraw, amend or add packages 24X7.
6. Focused Pull-Based Advertising only to interested customers. 
Eliminates unfocused advertising. You can target customers who are around you and actually looking for good packages for individual needs.
7. Complement existing advertising.
Augment your existing advertising and reach effectively to the growing population of smart internet users
8. Single interface to meet all needs. 
Manage your different packages and locations using our simple web presence.
9. Capitalise on social share. 
Free additional publicity when happy customers share your deals on popular social-media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 
10. Target packages or services you want to promote. 
Easily target your packages or any services you want to promote at any time.
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