Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Questions
How to enroll with ?

Just go to join now, fill the simple form, you will receive a email on your given e-mail id, activate by clicking link. and you are ready for consultantion with any doctor.

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how to video consult a doctor?

After login, you can book a consultation with any doctor available on our pannel for available time.Link will get activated before 15 minitus of your sheduled time, click on link you will find two way video chatting screen. 

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how to pay the doctor charges?

You can pay by credit card. debit card and  wallet.

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how to recharge wallet?

To recharge your wallet you nedd to deposite amount by cheque or cash in our  HDFC bank account No -------   ,once amount is credited to our bank we will update your wallet.

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Can subscriber Use in case of emergency?

qhospitals can only help non-emergency conditions. As we provide telemedicine service we work under a few limitations. "qhospitals is a non-emergency service provider"

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what are hardware requirement for video consult?
  • Computer / Laptop with 1Mbps speed Internet Connection
  • Good Quality webcam
  • Microphone & Speaker.
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How do i view my wallet balance?

In order to view your Wallet balance

Log in to your qhospitals account
Go to My Profile on the left hand side you will fine My Wallet.

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How to cancel an appointment?

Simple, go to my appointment and click cancel tab and your consultation is cancled.we will deduct 10% of the fee as a cancelation charges and 90% will be credited to your wallet.

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Doctors Questions
How to enroll with as a Doctor?

Just go to join now, fill the simple form, you will receive a email on your given e-mail id, confirm it. we will call you for fee structure and other details and activate your account.

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How i will receive my fee from patients?

once we receive mentioned fee from patient online, we will book for a consultation, after consultation is complete atomaticly your wallet will get credited.

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how much time is alloted to a patient from doctors

Maximum time allowed for the patient is 30 minutes, if consultation is completed. Doctor can close your window and log out.  

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what are the charges for q hospital?

Doctor has to decide how much fee he is going to charge patients.q hospital will add it's commission and display on board.

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how doctor can withdraw from wallet?

Doctor can place a request to adimin within 7 days doctor will get credited to his given bank account.

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